David's Story

My Goals For You

  • RECONNECT with your body, your beliefs and your emotions
  • RESTORE BALANCE in mind, body and spirit
  • RECLAIM your physical and emotional health

David’s Philosphy:

David is student of all things body and mind including anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, nutrition, psychology and metaphysics.

David is one of the best in the business at identifying postural and mechanical imbalances anywhere in the body. David does this by analyzing the posture and gait mechanics along with other effective and useful functional tests. He then employs a hands-off approach using specific and individualized stretching and strengthening exercises to realign the body as a whole as well as the painful joint (or muscle or nerve) in question.

David’s ultimate goal is to show you how to heal yourself through the exercises and then to give you the tools you to remain healthy, balanced, functional, and pain-free!

Mind and Body Connection:

“Feel it to heal it!” David believes all pain, as well personal and athletic success, has roots in a person’s emotions and belief systems. Pain, sickness and poor health is often your body’s message system to address the emotion (or emotions) that are stuck and need to be recognized and felt.

Anger, hurt, sadness and other emotions can be positive and healing when felt completely and expressed appropriately which allows them to evolve into more empowering emotions like gratitude, hope, and happiness.

David often works with individuals and groups to assess and evolve their beliefs, feel their emotions, and grow as individuals as a means to treating chronic pain, improve athletic performance, and live happier lives. He does this though various visualization and meditation techniques and by helping people explore their feelings and belief systems.