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Our mission is to provide executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for the City and its neighbourhoods.
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The Mayor's role as the executive of strategic authority is to promote economic development and wealth creation, social development, and improvement of the environment. The Mayor also has various other duties in relation to culture and tourism, including a responsibility for the city and its government.

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“Hi guys!  I LOVED the Sunday stretch on more balancing of hips!  Especially loved the little “why” tips you threw in – like why it is important to keep your knuckles tight to keep the wrist firm. Had a solid (tennis) hit after and no pain!!!!!”


"Love, love, love this class. Thank you both!"

“OMG that was SO helpful!  I couldn’t believe how different my body felt at the end when we were standing straight compared to at the start. Thanks for sharing.”


Great start to a Sunday.

“Today, I am 60 years young, my doubles partner and I won the 2019 National Championships in Arizona for the 50+. We beat seven teams from around the country, and not once did I feel pain, and yes, I do the pre-tennis routine and post-tennis routine before and after every match. I highly recommend this book of exercises, it will change your life. Thank you David”

Marty Briesach

4.5+ 2019 National 50's Doubles Champion
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3 Misperceptions About Health and 3 Traits of Healthy People

What does ‘health’ mean to you? Is it the absence of sickness or disease? Is it being able to run a marathon, or eating well and

Neck Pain

Neck pain is way too common and can be seriously misunderstood. It’s easy to blame the pain on outside sources like

02 August, 2018

Education Association Conference

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