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Individual Health and Life Coaching

Do you desire better health or fitness but you can’t find the time, or aren’t sure how to attain either? Are you struggling with pain or injuries you can’t seem to shake? Do you feel stuck in your life, relationship or business? Does it feel like you were meant for more, or do you have everything you think you wanted but you’re still not totally happy or fulfilled?

The solutions are within you, but sometimes there are physical and emotional blockages in the way of uncovering them.

What most people don’t know is that pain, suffering and conflict in their lives isn’t just happening to them, but their experience is a reflection of pain, suffering and conflict within them. By working with your body to clear any physical limitations, and working with your emotions and your subconscious to shift some limiting beliefs about health, aging, success, relationships and love, you can clear a path to create new self-discovery, health, healing, lasting change and an entirely new reality.

David works weekly for several months at a time with a few active and busy professionals. He uses his 22 years as an exercise therapist with 16 years as a successful business owner and 30 years of emotional work in metaphysics, psychology and personal growth to guide and support those who’ve decided to commit to the next level of health, happiness, purpose, and meaning in their lives.

If you’d like a coach, a mentor, some inspiration, clarity, accountability and some guidance, contact David to set up a free consultation.