Athletic Performance

David works with professional, college, and recreational athletes from all sports.
He spent two years consulting regularly with an NFL team and now works with many teams and individual athletes to help them:

• Restore alignment and full-body balance
• Restore flexibility, joint mobility and function
• Recover faster from injuries
• Prevent Injury
• Improve functional strength appropriate to the athlete and the sport
• Improve athletic performance including speed, strength, agility and balance

If you’re an individual athlete you can retain David’s services on a per-session basis, weekly, monthly, or for the entire season. Contact David directly for further inquiry here (

David’s former or current clients include: Multiple players in the NFL, MLB, ATP, WTA, PGA, LPGA, NBA. He also works with numerous NCAA athletes in tennis, football, baseball, golf, volleyball, basketball.

Sports Teams

David contracts out regularly to sports teams. His work includes:
• Working with the strength and conditioning team to maximize the athlete’s physical strength and condition while reducing chance of injury
• Coordinating with the medical and training staff to accelerate recovery time from injuries
• Creating and organizing individual and group pre-workout or pre-game stretching and warm-up routines
• Creating individual and group post-workout and post-game recovery routines
• Injury reduction and prevention by creating specific, personalized routines for each athlete designed to restore alignment, balance, and function to the whole body. Some of the teams David currently works with or has worked with recently :San Francisco 49’ers, Texas Christian University Men’s and Women’s Tennis Teams, The University of Alabama Women’s Tennis Team, University of California Berkeley Football, University of San Francisco Men’s Tennis, California Tennis Club Elite Junior Tennis Program

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