Virtual Stretch

David and Teresa’s Sunday Stretch!

Join David and his lovely fiancé, Teresa, via Zoom every Sunday at 11am Eastern for an hour of stretching and functional motion, followed by a quick but powerful meditation.
The goal of each class is to reconnect physically and emotionally with your body and yourself, restore motion to all your muscles and joints, and start your Sunday off right.

All in the comfort of your own home.

You can get the recording of the class in case you missed it or if you want to repeat it!
The class is widely loved and attended by people all over the world, and David and Teresa welcome any and all who wish to partake in the fun.

When: Every Sunday at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific
Where: In your home!
Why: Because you’ll feel more balanced physically and emotionally, you’ll thoroughly enjoy it, and your body needs it!
Cost: $15 per live or recorded class

David and Teresa donate proceeds of certain classes to charity throughout the year so stay tuned for your chance to be a part of the giving…

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“Hi guys!  I LOVED the Sunday stretch on more balancing of hips!  Especially loved the little “why” tips you threw in – like why it is important to keep your knuckles tight to keep the wrist firm. Had a solid (tennis) hit after and no pain!!!!!”


"Love, love, love this class. Thank you both!"

“OMG that was SO helpful!  I couldn’t believe how different my body felt at the end when we were standing straight compared to at the start. Thanks for sharing.”


Great start to a Sunday.

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