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David leads multiple speaking events, workshops and seminars throughout the year for small and large businesses and groups, sports teams, athletic clubs, and tennis clubs. To book David as a speaker, or to bring David to your club or business to conduct a workshop or seminar, contact him directly at

The Ultimate Tennis Experience

This is a 2-day, 3-night one-of-a-kind experience designed to empower participants to break through to the next level in their tennis game even if they’ve been stuck for years. Held in a gorgeous setting, David combines his skills with two other experts in their field to help participants with the three most important aspects of the game – the body, mind, and stroke mechanics. Participants can expect:
• Comprehensive individual analysis of posture, joint function, footwork, and overall body balance
• Tennis-specific strengthening and mobility routines
• Individualized pre-tennis warm-up and post-tennis cool down exercises
• Cutting edge tools and information on how to deal with nerves and pressure, and how to reach “the zone.”
• Video stroke analysis and expert instruction to solve any weaknesses
• Tons of tennis and loads of fun!

For dates or more information on this seminar contact David directly at

Restoring Posture, Healing Pain and Injury, and Breaking Through to New Levels of Athletic Performance

This workshop is an absolute must for physicians, physical therapists, personal trainers, yoga or Pilates instructors, massage therapists, or anyone in the healthcare industry seeking to learn more about the connection between posture and how it relates to injuries, pain, and athletic performance. Participants will learn:

1. To identify postural imbalances in their clients and themselves
2. How these imbalances relate to pain, injury and poor performance on the field or in the gym
3. How the term “core strength” is frequently misrepresented, misunderstood, and mis-taught to the detriment of the client
4. The difference between functional strength training vs weight training and how both can be helpful or extremely hurtful depending on how it’s presented and who it’s presented to
5. Easy, effective and extremely accurate tools to assess joint position and joint function
6. Specific, scientifically proven, and highly effective techniques to correct faulty posture and joint mechanics and improve athletic performance

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Mind and Body Mastery For All Athletes:

David has been a student of the mind as well as the body for over 25 years. If he’s learned anything over that time, it’s that you can’t separate the mind from the body and the emotional from the physical. To truly address the whole person, you must explore both. David conducts this workshop alone or with one of his friends who specializes in emotional work and the mental game.

In this experiential and incredibly transformational workshop, recreational, college or pro athletes will learn highly effective and cutting-edge tools to address their physical imbalances while acquiring the proven and effective mental and emotional techniques to overcome nerves and pressure, stay in the zone, and eliminate uncertainty and fear. The ultimate outcome is freedom from the physical and emotional limitations that stand in the way of achieving unlimited athletic success while experiencing greater depths of health, happiness and fulfillment on and off the courts or athletic fields.
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The Nature of Health and Healing: Defining and Exploring Health and Wellness in Mind, Body, and Spirit

David explores the nature of true health and healing while discussing what “health and wellness” really entail rather than the superficial catch phrases they’ve become. He also introduces the Three Tiers of Emotion chart and the Resonance Meditation to identify your current state and learn how to lift it to a much more empowering level to produce more success, meaning, love and happiness in all aspects of your life.

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